On Repeat: HAIM

So I have been going through different kinds of waves of music these past few weeks. Nothing really sticks. I go from post-punk to soft acoustics to french instrumentals and then to glam rock. But recently, I have been very into Haim. These sisters from Los Angeles have a new sound that I can’t stop listening to. I tried to describe them to my sister and found myself trying to name nearly ten artists to compare them to. The main ones I can say that they emulate a similar sound to would be: Fleetwood Mac vibes, with Bat for Lashes girl strength, and the perfect 80’s sound that creates their signature sound. “Forever,” is a very dance-like tune that makes you want to sing along because the percussion and backup vocals that embrace the wonderful late 80’s sound they create is so magical. “My Song 5,” is another track that I absolutely love. It has that similar Dirty Projector girls kickass vocals that comes off as sweet but still some toughness overtakes it when she softly reminds us, “honey I’m not your honey pie.” Check them out if you haven’t yet! I can’t stop repeating “Don’t Save Me,” so I’m including this one on the post! Enjoy!



Here’s a tough one to choose which version you prefer better (not in a way where you think the artist is better because c’mon Buddy Holly and The Beatles are magic).

Buddy Holly and the Crickets have a way of producing a simple song like “Words of Love,” with romantic lyrics and Holly’s charm and adding a western side with the clippity-clop sounds in the background. It gives it such a unique sound that we’re so familiar with specifically in early ’50s rock. The guitar riffs are nicely pronounced which again highlight’s classic rock ‘n’ roll.  And although The Beatles version is somewhat similar to Buddy and his Crickets, there are some slight differences.

John Lennon adds his distinctive voice to their version of “Words of Love,” which really ties the song nicely. You can also hear George Harrison on lead guitar keeping the same original tempo. I like how they substituted the percussion segment that sounds like clippity-clop to hand clapping sounds which accents the original Beatles clap-alongs like in, “She Loves You,” or “I Want to Hold Your Hand” from their earlier work. I’d say that The Beatles did a magnificent job covering the legendary Buddy Holly with his Crickets! Let’s watch both here:

It truly is. I have taken a little break from my blog because I was vacationing in Europe for a few days earlier this month.

DSCN1777 DSCN1515 DSCN1740 DSCN1519

I’m back in the U.S. and have moved from Brea to Pasadena. I really like Pasadena because of their Old Town area and the city-like vibe. However, I’m on a hunt for a job and it’s frustrating just dreading all the waiting and wishing that someone will call back on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to Eleanor Friedberger’s previous album which was exposed to me by my older sister. Before we moved out of our apartment, we made each other a mix of songs that always remind us of our childhood days (David Bowie, Talking Heads, America, The Pretenders etc.), or high school days (Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, more David Bowie, Sufjan Stevens and more) and some great songs we listened to from INXS, Belle & Sebastian, Prince (duh), and lots of T. Rex because our hearts are connected by it. We added songs that we’re currently into (I added lots of Pulp because I just love them so)  and she added Eleanor and I just loved it! So cheers to change in my life and becoming an adult, looking for a big kid job and saving money! Enjoy!

Wednesday night I went to go see Savages with my girlfriends at the El Rey. Luckily we were able to find good spots in the pit since we are all fairly short (just peaking over 5 feet) so my friend Ana was able to capture the face-melting concert! The opening artist, Johnny Hostile was also very impressive playing solo and later having  Jehnny joining in. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s a tune after the photos!  photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo


One of my most treasured vinyl is my Best of Dionne Warwick, because it’s magic when I play it. All time favorite Warwick song is “Walk On By,” because I distinctly remember hearing it on the radio when I was younger. During junior high I aided the attendance secretary (which qualified as two units towards my “free elective units” and quite frankly, I was tired of sewing so I went to hang out with the wise, older woman for two units). This sassy secretary (aren’t they all? Why did they all seem so mad because you missed a single day? Why did they skeptically stare at your ojos while you bravely avoided any facial expressions that screamed: TRUANT) was very pleased to have a bookworm around, since I rarely missed school and kept very quiet while she fussed over parent phone calls excusing their ill student. Anyhow, let’s get back to Dionne Warwick. So this secretary was very fond of the “golden oldies,” so we both enjoyed listening to the radio and this is where Dionne Warwick comes back. I loved hearing “Walk On By,” because their was an effortless, strength in the vocals that paralleled to the lyrics. The effort is there, but of course unbearable to a woman (I guess this could have been a “powerful” gesture from a woman then, that didn’t expose too much independence but just enough to respect herself). How did this post become slightly feminist? I guess there’s a lot more you could analyze about the lyrics like: why does the speaker have to rely on him to “walk on by?” And yet, this also draws out the aches of love that most women and  men encounter at some point of their lives. I’m very hungry right now so excuse my wandering thoughts. I’m off my soap box and ready for you and I to enjoy this awesome performance with solid, timeless music (those dance moves are seriously so classic).

Due to the lack of funds in my life, I always miss the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. This year I have FYF Fest coming up so I’m not as jealous of my friends that did make it up there to catch all the good music. I will be melting in the sun as I enjoy My Bloody Valentine and many, many more bands, come August 24th and 25th!

I was watching some videos from the past Pitchfork Festival 2012 and here are some of my favorites:

Beach House:

Animal Collective:


Deerhunter: (2011)

Saturday Sounds

Today we went to the Huntington Library (my very first time). I absolutely enjoyed it! It was a heavily humid day, so we were quite eager to find shade and misters throughout. As the clouds grew heavier in the afternoon, when we were at the Congregation Ale House in Pasadena, we knew the rain was going to reach us soon. Although it may not have been as cool as the sky provoked above, I enjoyed this rainy July weather! So in honor of the ominous clouds, I will post Broadcast’s “Ominous Cloud,” from their album Haha Sound, which is particularly my favorite album. Trish Keenan had a way of settling the abstract sonic waves in the distorting electric synths with her fragile, nostalgic voice. She is one of my all-time favorite female vocalists because her voice was timeless and will always be remembered. This short post on Haha Sound does not suffice how significant Broadcast is to me, so I will return with a more thorough post soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your Saturday and hope for more rainfall!


Been a busy bee and I missed writing on my blog. But I’m back like Voldemort in Order of the Phoenix!

So lately I’ve been super into Pulp and cannot and will not stop repeating a few tracks. I’m just going to post them here and let you enjoy them too.

Happy Saturday! I’m in Palm Springs with the boy and his family and although it is 120 degrees out during the day (no exaggeration) we make the best of it by the pool! Every time we come visit Palm Springs we hear “Africa,” by Toto and we heard it again yesterday when we arrived. So hear it is for you all, “Africa!” Enjoy and stay cool!


{Bob Dylan / / Yo La Tengo}

Here I go once more writing a little on Bob Dylan (well sort of). This time I want to post on one of his songs that was covered beautifully. I’ve heard some bad covers, however there are some really good ones out there as well (hmmmm like Hendrix’s magical cover of “All Along the Watchtower”). When the film I’m Not There was released, it was interesting to see that the soundtrack was made up of Dylan’s songs that were covered by other big artists like Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Jeff Tweedy and more.

For some reason, the other covers didn’t have an exceptional striking quality that I found in Yo La Tengo’s cover of “Fourth Time Around.”

Bob Dylan’s original version envelops the folk where yo la tengo accents the weary, lonesomeness in the track. The hollowness in the organ producing it’s shaky, solemn notes differ from Dylan’s harmonica which contrast the mood. Bob Dylan knew how to write damn good lyrics and turning it into a golden folk tune. Here it is, enjoy it!